SDL2 Video tutorials

These tutorials teach how to use SDL2 with the codeblocks IDE and mingw compiler. They are a basic introduction to SDL2.


This tutorial shows how to get a basic window with Opengl3+, with SDL2 and GLEW on codeblocks IDE with the mingw compiler. The tutorial also shows how to compile GLEW so it can be used with codeblocks and mingw.

SDL2 64bit Video

This tutorial shows how to setup SDL2 on the codeblocks ide with the mingw_w64 comopiler.It uses the same project as the 32bit version.

SDL2 RPG tutorials

Currently just 2 tutorials covering some procedural methods used in 2D RPG building

Introduction to C

These are a few tutorials covering a small part of C programming using he mingw compiler and codeblocks ide.